It was so hot Tuesday (it reached 104) that Ginger looked like she had been standing in a sprinkler. With her cushings she is always a bit hairier than the rest of us, even in summer. She got a full body clip at the end of May, but her coat seems to be gearing up for winter and she can't be given a clip this time of year.

As a general rule Ginger doesn't really like getting hosed off. Tuesday night she stood for a good hosing down.

She squirmed a bit when the water got on her belly and when ran under her tail. All in all she seemed to really like getting cooled off more than she disliked the water.

I made sure that the DOR saw that I was sweaty too. I turn my damp shoulder to her and gave her a wilted look.

She sprayed me down while she held onto Ginger. The water was wonderfully cool, it comes from a well. The DOR looked hot and I thought she needed hosed off too. I can't hose her down, but I can shake off by her and rub my wet self on her...I am sure she really appreciated that.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

Here in our desert, we sometimes take two showers a day (us humans...). I like to hose the horses down, too, especially when it gets over 100 degrees up in the mountains!

EvenSong said...

I will run the irrigation in the pastures, just to give the herd some evaporative cooling. Little Amy (the champagne filly your DOR met in E-burg a couple of weeks ago) will actually *choose* to go stand in the sprinklers!

Jackie said...

I am so sorry to hear that it is so hot Jack. We were that hot for almost 30 full days.

Now we are having a cloudy and rainy week. It makes my internet connection a little tricky but at least we have cooled down some.

I am glad your DOR hosed down you and Ginger. Hang in there autumn is just around the corner!

Hugs for you and your DOR!!:-)

mommanator said...

Ya know my grandkids like to be hosed down too! teehee. Today I found them hosing down #1 dog SCooby-he loved it. and its only 84 here

kden said...

That looks like a nice place to be, right under a hose. Good thing you are taking care of each other with the water spraying. Just remember; it's still better than last winter ;-)

The Author said...

That's the best place to be right under the hose. I didn't know Cushings made horses have more hair. I hope the heat leaves you soon.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Hope your heat wave breaks soon! marge


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