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The 4th of July reminded me of a friend who is not with us this summer, he is off on an adventure.
These photos are of Justin Hewitt. He is one of our "family" and we miss him. Justin is in Iraq, we wish he was home. The DOR is grateful to Justin and others like him, without soldiers there would be no freedom...of course the DOR wishes there were no wars. Here are some of Justin's favorite quotes for us to ponder:
*The only two people who will die for you without hesitation are Jesus and a U.S. soldier.
*You don't need a gym if you're pulling your own weight.

He has a few others, but the DOR says they are a bit naughty and I can't share them. We call him Bub and he has a heart as big as Texas. He is a champion roper and was on his high school rodeo team. He has trained rescue horses so they can have good lives. He gives "charm school" lessons to young horses so they know how to behave. He is always there for his friends, quick to help a stranger, and loves his family.
Take care Bub and we will see you when you come home. We are praying for you and your comrades.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Grampy said...

Nice looking lad and also a beautiful horse. Our prayers are with all the soldiers. A special prayer for him.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Our prayers are with Justin and all the soldiers.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks for all of your prayers for Justin, he will greatly appreciate them.
The horse in the picture was living in a junk yard when Bub "rescued" him. Bub named him Bob, but called him Mud most of the time because he always managed to find mud to roll in. Bub trained him and he is now a 4-H horse for a young boy. Bob went from untouchable to a pocket pony under Bub's careful training.

Unknown said...

"you don't need a gym if you pull your own weight"

that is a great quote, and i think i will be able to use that. thank you.

F.M. said...

I will keep Justin in my heart. I have a feeling that he will come home soon. I didn't know that that high school has a rodeo team! But then again, just because I live in Washington State too, it doesn't exactly mean that I know everything.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

A lovely and timley tribute to the men and women who continue to fight for freedom! Prayers and hope that Justin and all his comrades return home safely

Desert Rose said...

You have a brave young friend and may God Bless him!

Dusty Devoe said...

He will be in my prayers.

BK said...

Wishing that Justin and all soldiers are safe on their duties in Iraq.

Sandy said...

Very nice tribute. I keep all those serving in my thoughts and hope they'll soon re-united with their loved ones.

Read a post yesterday that troubled me, it said, for those who celebrate it Happy 4th. Why would someone not celebrate it? If thats another PC type comment, we've gone to far.

Proud to be an American.


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