Do not act like Trigger or Silver

Hanna has a bit of an problem.  It seems she thinks she is a movie star horse, one like Trigger or the Lone Ranger's Silver.  How do I know?  Well it seems she has been practicing one of the tricks they are both famous for-rearing.
It seems that the DOR feels that this particular behavior is very bad.  In fact it is in her to five bad behavior list. 
1. Biting
2. Kicking
3. Rearing
4. Bucking
5. Stomping toes on purpose!
So today Hanna and the DOR spent a bunch of time working on stopping her from acting like a movie star.  They also played with the soccer ball for a bit.
I hope Hanna learned her lesson and that she gets to have more fun while being ridden rather than working herself into a sweat keeping her feet on the ground.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


One Red Horse said...

Hey Jack, do ya think it is a mare thing? Autumn reared mightily on mom once. Awesome gelding that I am, I have never reared. Hee hee, however, I do bounce on my tip toes just to keep her paying attention.

Red Horse


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