The Mighty Q meets the dentist and gets a lollipop!

The Mighty Q was a rock star for his first dentist appointment. I knew he was seeing the dentist so I told him how great the drugs were. The only down side was you don't get a lollipop after he is done.  He finally relaxed after two shots of sedation. Once he realized that not being on high alert was okay and that he would still be safe he seemed to enjoy things. The dentist took extra time to make sure that Q was never worried or upset.  He wanted to make sure that he did not violate the trust that Q placed in the DOR by making this a positive experience for him.  Our dentist rocks!!!
The dentist tried to do Q's teeth last summer.  At that time Q was a bit difficult to lead outside of his pasture, okay he was nearly impossible to lead. The dentist sedated him in the pasture to make leading him to the barn easier. The sedation set him off, Q ran like a wild man and was having nothing to do with going to the barn. Today he led to the barn like a champ without being sedated in the pasture. He sedated nicely, and walked into the stall like it was old home week.
He wanted the DOR to hug him the entire time.  If she stopped he would nicker for her to get back to her hugging.  I am going to have to try that at my next dental appointment.  I had a hard time keeping my spotted rear off the ground, maybe her hugging me will help me stand better.
The dentist was so complimentary on how far Q has come. He noticed he is at a nice weight, has a softer eye, and is so much calmer. The herd is darn proud of Q, he has worked hard to be the horse he is today.  Of course he has been taking lessons on behavior at 'He Man Gelding Club University'.  The instructors are tough there, any missteps and it is a big ol' appy hoof upside your rear from the Headmaster-that would be me.
Two hours after the sedation wore of he was still mellow and giving off big sighs. It is the first time in his whole life he has been not been hyper alert and totally relaxed.  I told him the drugs were good.  I hope he finds that it is a nice way to be and will keep on with his deep breathing.
Then to top things off the DOR gave him a lollipop!  That is it, I better get one my next dentist visit or she is going to get a big ol' appy hoof someplace she doesn't want it.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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