Rodeo clown?

The Cow Boss got kicked in his knee last night while helping a heifer through a tough birth.  The SCC, Mushboy, and the DOR went out to help him set sprinklers tonight.  the pipes were in the pasture with two bulls and had to come over the fence into the pasture of the He Man Gelding Club.
The DOR got out to help after the work had started.  The Cow Boss was in with the bulls putting the pipes over the fence while the SCC and Mushboy set them up.  The DOR thought it would be a good idea for her to go into the pasture with the Cow Boss and help him move pipes over the fence.  Now she has been around cows/bulls and set pipes, but she has not been around two amorous bulls in the spring time. 

One of the bulls started staring at her and rocking back and forth...she pointed her finger at him and told him to leave her along.  Not a good idea, bulls don't mind like horses.  The bull decided to take a run at her, she took a step back and did her bear imitation.  That only worked temporarily and the bull was heading back at her.  There were no barrels and no place to hide. The DOR should never consider participating in the Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona, after all she is built for distance not for speed.  The Cow Boss herded the bulls to a safe distance and the DOR made her escape.
She gave me a dirty look, like I should have helped her out.  I am not stupid, this spotted horse isn't messing with amorous bulls.  I was also busy playing kissy face over the fence with two mares in heat.
The DOR muttered something about how rude the bulls are.  She also called over to me to quit kissing my sister.  Whatever...it isn't my fault that she is a total failure as a rodeo clown.  I suggest that she sticks to the things she is good at.  She could start by giving me my weekly butt massage.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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