Hanna, is she bananas?

Here is Hanna showing The Mighty Q how to go through the car wash.  The DOR rode her in a Bosal for the first half of the clinic and then used Hanny Banany...it makes the DOR irritated.  She worries that any reference to bananas may make her act that way.  Oh well, then the DOR can learn to handle a crazy horse....

The DOR asked Hanna to tow a fake steer.  Hanna was a bit, well silly about it.  You see Hanna has never been to a trail clinic or out on a trail for that matter.  While she was nervous about a lot of the obstacles she tried really hard.  She never snorted, bucked, or bolted, all things I have done in my past.  I guess mares are less reactive than the members of the He Man Gelding Club.

Hanna's first owner had started her on barrels and it shows.  Here you can see how serious Hanna is about running, err I mean trotting the barrels-the DOR thought the ground was to wet to safely run the barrels.
Hanna is going to go to her first real trail ride on Saturday.  She is heading to the base of Blewett Pass and head up into the timber with a group of horses she doesn't know. 
I hope that Hanny Banany is a good girl and doesn't go bananas.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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