She may dance, but Boogie she is not...

This is Hanna doing a bit of a do-si-do  with another horse and the DOR's riding coach Paul Rogers.
Hanna gets a bit grumpy and defensive when horses who are not her pasture mates get to close.  This exercise was to help her learn that she was safe and the other horses were not out to hurt her.  It also proved to be a great help in teaching her to yield her hinds.
From this warm up Hanna then went out for her first real trail ride.  She was stellar considering she had never been out before.
I asked her what she was doing out in the brush looking around, she claims that she was looking for bears...I think she was just ignoring the instructor.
While Hanna is shaping up to have a few nice dance moves and looks like she will be a heck of a trail horse, she is no BOOGIE!  After all I am the original, the one, the only Boogie.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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