Look at what The Mighty Q did...

 The Mighty Q went to a trail clinic this weekend. He kicked some trail booty!  He was not bothered in the least when his rider sat in a chair under and umbrella, by a tent, and waved a flag.  In fact he was very relaxed.  I would have been so out of there...I hate umbrellas.

 He moved very fancy through the course.  His rider had a broken arm and Q made sure to take good care of him.  He was on the course with nine horses that he didn't know.
A sack of rattly cans that had to be carried to a garbage can didn't even bother him.
Now you may be asking why the DOR wasn't riding him?  Well she was riding my sister Hanna, who has never been on a trail course before.  I will tell you how she did in the next post.
I didn't go because we all know that I am king of the trails after last summer.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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