Hanna the drunk...

Here is one of my little sisters, Bohannan's Rhapsody Splash, Hanna.  She had her first visit with the dentist this week also.  She is a bit of a cheap drunk, one little shot and she was swaying and drooling.  She kept giving little rumbley woofles to the DOR while her teeth were being done.

She was super good for the dentist.  She stood like a good little drunk, err girl.  She never swung her head around or tried to walk off the speculum.  The dentist compliment her about how well behaved she was for an appy.  I take a bit of offense to that...after all I think I was good if you don't count the head swinging, tongue waving, or trying to bite the dentist.  After all I can not be held responsible for my drunken behavior.

Hanna had one wolf tooth that had to be removed.  They are sort of the equivalent of human wisdom teeth.  I don't think having only one wolf tooth bodes well for her intelligence but time will tell.
Just wait until you see what the DOR is up to tomorrow.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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