Beat the clock

So I discovered that Salty has extra treats in his tub. The DOR is giving him stuff to help his kidneys, hay pellets, BOS, HES, garlic, vitamins, and rolled mix. She wants him to put on a bit of weight before it gets cold. I, on the other hand, am just getting hay pellets, BOS, garlic, and vitamins. The D OR won't give me grain because I am 'ripe', a bit fluffy, packing a bit of fat where I shouldn't be. She won't even let me use the excuse that I need to fatten up for winter-seems I am already fattened up.
I have figured out that I can eat my treats faster than Salty. If I can beat him, distract the DOR, I can steal Salty's treats. I tried tonight...struck out, seems the DOR read my mind and she stood brushing me while she had Dakota brushing Salty.
Salty and I both beat Freedom, so the minute that the DOR left the pasture we tried to steal his treats. It didn't work too well...Freedom is in a paddock with his mush. We hovered around, waiting for him to scoot his tub close enough to the panels that we could reach in and grab it. Freedom out smarted us. He flipped the tub out of the paddock, we raced over to eat the treats. The old turd had dumped all of his treats in the middle of his paddock. We looked at him and there he was munching away, snickering at us.
I also discovered that if I can get the DOR to do all of our ground work right the first time I can get her through all seven games inn 15-20 minutes. I am liking this time management stuff. I get more time to eat grass, roll in poop, rub my butt on the panels, play with my joy ball and hula hoop, and swat flies. I am having fun living a simple life.
I am trying to convince the DOR to buy us all white blankets and then paint them so they look like us. If she paints it just right and does a good job you won't be able to tell it is a blanket. I also found a nice camouflage blanket that could be fun, I could be invisible.
The DOR has a rescue board meeting tomorrow, so I am going to take the day off. If you miss me you can read some of my old posts or visit some of my favorite blogs.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

I had to laugh..that is the same strategy one of my cats uses over his brother....

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Hey Cactus Jack! I like the invisible idea! Then you could sneak and get all the treats you want! And DOR couldn't find you when she wants you to learn some new game!

Amanda said...

Syndi I just got your message about Harley the Fox Trotter. I was away from my phone all day and it is late. I will call you tomorrow. I would love to meet him.


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