The world's largest grocery sack!

I am postponing the lesson on teaching your DOR how to stop to share something I discovered today with you. I have seen the world's largest grocery sack!
The DOR and one member of my support crew spent the morning out at the ranch. Hay was tarped and all of the DORs geldings were put together in one pasture for the winter. The DOR watched us all pose, prance, and generally show off for each other. With Freedom, Harley, Salty, and I all in one pasture we are one stunning herd. It was nice to get to see the DOR and give her a nuzzle.
This evening the DOR and Bryce came out and fed us all our treats. Harley looked at mine, so I had to charge at him...I got scolded by the DOR. I ate my treats, stomping my front feet at the same time...the DOR thought I was having a bit of a temper fit, but I was just trying to hurry so I could wipe my muzzle on her clean shirt to show her how much I have missed her. Bryce cleaned all of our hooves, the DOR still can't do that. The DOR did give me a good scritching and a bit of a hinny rub. I had to get after Salty and Harley for getting too close to her, after all she is my DOR and she hasn't been out in the pasture for a long time. The DOR told me to be polite and gave me a big old squeeze. She also told me that our lessons could start up again pretty soon. She and Bryce left and this is where things got strange.
They headed towards Prosser, rather than to home. They were gone about 20 minutes and then they drove back by the ranch. They didn't stop though...I was hoping for more scritches. I looked up and saw the world's largest grocery bag floating in the air. I know the DOR said that lessons would start up soon, but didn't think she was talking about today! Did she go get the world's largest bag and bring it back to torture me with? I kept watching the bag...what if it came down in the pasture? This one is definitely large enough to eat me. Heck not just me, it was big enough to eat all four of us at the same time. I started blowing marbles, boulders, cannon balls...I was not liking this at all.
Salty and Harley couldn't figure out what I was fussing about. They were quietly munching away, oblivious to the danger. The giant grocery bag floated far enough away not to be a threat. I am going to have to keep my eyes open, I will have to protect the rest of the herd since they don't seem to realize what danger they are in. For now the sky is clear, but one can never be too careful.
Tomorrow the DOR is going to come out and spend some more time with me, okay with all of us.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

HHHAHAHAH i wish I could have seen them when that came floating by!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hey Cactus Jack, you weren't alone today wondering about grocery bags..Must have been a day for playing "in the air"! We had 3'hang glider' type low flying airplane thingies fly LOW over us...You would have fit right in here 'freaking' out with our gang!

Rambling Woods said...

Why Jack..that is the largest grocery sack ever...LOL...


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