Saying goodbye

Today I said goodbye to two friends. They were residents of the ranch where I live (they were not the DORs horses, but she loved them too).
It is odd in a way. How do you say goodbye to a friend, when you really never said hello? How do you take it when they say it is time for them to go? I held my head high, held them close in my heart and then I let them go.
We horses manage to make friends wherever we are. Some horses are not as friendly as others, but we set our boundaries and learn to live together in peace.
One of the friends who crossed the rainbow bridge today was the first horse who was really nice to me. He never nipped me, didn't try to steal my treats, and when I was grounded to the paddock he would stand by me all night long. The other was a beautiful lady. She has been the adoptive mommy/aunt of the youngsters. She was the Dame of manners and made sure every horse she was with conducted themselves appropriately. She was the first filly I ever fell in love with.
Freedom is wondering around calling for his friend, Harley is trying to keep him distracted. Ginger and her pasture mate are hanging out in the shade, a bit demure. Salty and I are trying to keep busy and not think about things for right now. The other horses at the ranch feel the loss also. You see we do love and we do mourn our friends.
I know they are both running and playing, no longer limping or hurting--but they will be terribly missed by all of us.
I wish there was a way to help the lady who manages the ranch feel better, but I am not sure how...I am going to kiss her when she gets close enough. I don't know how to tell her she did the right thing and that we are all grateful that she was not selfish and did the right thing. The DOR is at a bit of a loss also, nice to know that humans often don't know what to do for each other either.
When you hear the wind this evening, wish my friends a happy journey across the rainbow bridge as they are carried on their way.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

I am very sorry to hear about your friends. I have a little story for you. I have a grandmother who is 103 years old. Sounds good right? WRONG!! She is miserable, confined to a bed, in a nursing home and has outlived 3 of her 4 kids. Nothing would make her happier than to be on her merry way to the Great Beyond. I know this because she told me this about 20 years ago. Every second of everyday she is in the same place, a prisoner of her age. I wish we could offer humans the same gift we do our beloved animals. I pray that things will normalize for you all very soon.
My vet told me once it is better to be a day early at The Bridge than a day late. I pray my life ends the day the joy goes out of living it. Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

It is a sad time to lose 2 good friends. Hold them in your heart and know that your kindness to them during your time together is the best thing that you could do for them and they know it.

restoration42 said...

Hi Ya Cactus Dude,

Oh Man, I am very sorry that your good friends are over the Bridge. Better for them, but missing our herd mates is soooooooo hard. Gotta say that I am happy you have a DOR who isn't too much of a "D" when it comes to knowing that you have serious and deep feelings and attachments. Just says alot for your excellent training program.

Be thinking of you and your herd when I'm dodging the damn gnats that are torturing us.

The Red One

Rambling Woods said...

Oh I am so sorry about your friends. I was thinking about some of my furry friends today who are gone. Maybe it was that kind of a day...

Andrea said...

That is so sad about your friends leaving. It's so sad when friends leave and move on. But just think, you might get to meet some new friends. I do hope things get back to normal very soon.

Florida Beach Basics said...

What a nice tribute to your friends - they were lucky to have you, too. Marge


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