I got punked!

So the DOR was out giving us all the spa treatment yesterday. Boy did she owe me extra niceties. I spent the night all by myself in the arena...so not fair! All I had for company was a bunch of toys, some of which I DO NOT consider my friends. The DOR thought I needed some alone time, something about me throwing a fit because I had to leave Freedom when we went riding. I was not throwing a fit because I had to leave Freedom, really, I was throwing a fit to make the old guy feel special...I can leave my best friend at any time. I did throw a fit for a bit in the evening and then again early in the morning, that was only to let people know that I thought I was being treated unfairly by being left alone in the arena. I managed to get my fly mask really dirty so I needed a new one on, the DOR took off the dirty one.
She took me back to the pasture and my buddies, yippee. She sent Dakota to get a fly mask and he came back waving something around. I looked up and was sure he had a tan grocery bag. Now the DOR has Dakota cooperating with my torture, what a evil thing to teach a child.
Dakota gave the bag to the DOR and she started heading towards me. No way in heck was I standing still for that, especially after having to be alone all night...not that it bothered me, but it did upset Freedom. So I took off, the DOR followed and I kept trotting. Then she started waving the bag at me, she figured if I was going to run then she would play 'don't stop until you drop'. I was pretty sure I could win that game, after all she is 50. I ended up loosing, really I gave up before the old lady had a heart attack because if she keeled over who would bring me my treats? She came up and spread the bag out, I blew a few marbles. I looked real closely and to my surprise she had a fly mask.
Take a look. Don't you think that this mask would look like a tan grocery sack if it was folded up or being waved about? I dropped my head, just a bit embarrassed, and the DOR put the fly mask on-laughing while she did it.
I am plotting my revenge. I think I will suck wind and hold it when she does the 3rd check of the cinch. Yep that will work, then when she mounts I will let out my breath and she can just work on keeping the saddle balanced and not rolling during our next ride. If I don't line up to the mounting block for a bit she will just have to live with a loose cinch. I can kill a lot of time before I line up to the block and she can get off without rolling the saddle-yep sounds like a plan!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


LatigoLiz said...

You have an award! :)

Cheryl Ann said...

WOW! I LIKE the new look! My internet was down for a whole day and look what happens! NICE JOB!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks Liz.
Cheryl it was fun trying to come up with a new design...it is taking a bit to work out the kinks though

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Well Cactus Jack, I'd have to say, your a coniving fellow, eh? Always have a trick under your cinch! Be careful tho, DOR may ot appreciate your humor! ;)


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