It worked...well a little bit

Here is a photo of the medieval horse baths in Salzburg. Today the DOR spent the afternoon helping bath and photograph several horses at the ranch. I escaped having to take a bath, good thing because I would have just rolled in the dirt again.
Because she was busy we didn't go for a ride. She did however bring us all our treats and I found a bit of roll mix in mine (not enough to equal things up, but a step in the right direction). I looked at her, thinking she had given me Salty's by mistake-I figured I was going to get waved off at any moment. That didn't happen, in fact she started brushing me and humming. I got brushed the whole time I was munching. The DOR was telling me what a great horse I am, how lucky she is to have me, that I am the best Cactus Jack Splash she has ever known...by the time she was done I could have floated off my head was so big.
I have watched the DOR make sure that every horse she has knows how much they mean to her. I think it is a ritual she has, one she has developed while she was "seeing horses out", she took care of some rescue horses the last days of their lives (I hear she spoiled them rotten and gave them everything they needed). She never leaves until she has told us all we are wonderful and loved. She does that with her humans too. I think it is a great thing to do, so I have started telling my pasture mates how much I love them. They don't seem as appreciative of my nips and love taps as they are of her hugs and scritches.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Lux said...

Hi, Cactus Jack Splash! I was so relieved to hear that you didn't have to take a bath!!! That is the worst torture in the world!

It's nice to meet you and your DOR.


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