Equal Treatment for Cactus Jack Slash Foundation

Okay, today the DOR crossed the line and I am officially launching the Equal Treatment for Cactus Jack Slash Foundation.
The support crew came out with the DOR so she could ride. That was no problem, I love taking the DOR for a ride. The problem arose when we are making our second circuit around the arena and I notice Dakota passing out the treat tubs. NOT FAIR!! He gave everyone a treat tub but me. I like treats, heck I love my treats, and here I am not getting any.
I stopped and pounded my right front foot, I want treats. The DOR gave me a nudge, I pounded my foot-I WANT TREATS. She gave me a kick and a tap on my butt, I pounded my foot and snorted-I WANT TREATS!!! The DOR said that if I didn't get moving I wasn't getting any treats when we were done, I moved. I kept going by the mounting block, lining up on my own, and looking at her...she wasn't getting the hint. I can tell I need to work with her some more on our communication skills. The DOR and I played for about an hour. While she was unsaddling me Dakota brought me treats, he even gave me a bit extra because I had been working.
I am still starting the Equal Treatment for Cactus Jack Slash Foundation. If you want to support my cause you can go to my Cafe Press Store and purchase products featuring the picture on this post (all proceeds go to Rodeo City Equine Rescue). I am listing the reasons that I need fair treatment:

  • Freedom gets 35 pounds of mush every day, double that in the winter.

  • Salty gets extra feed in his treats.

  • Ginger and Harley get the same treats as me, but they are not training the DOR.

  • I am the only horse responsible for DOR training.

  • Freedom gets ridden about twice a year.

  • Salty is now fully retired.

  • Ginger only packs Dakota around at lessons.

  • Harley is still only a pasture ornament.

When you take a look at the facts it is obvious that I am the most responsible, hard-working horse at the ranch. I deserve fair treatment. Sure the DOR spends the majority of her horsey time with me, I am the only one she rides now, I get played with every day, she gives me massages at least twice a week, and she tells me how much she loves me each time she sees me. When it comes to treats earned, I think I earn more treats than I am being given-after all consider all the treats that old fart Freedom gets and all he does is keep us all in line.

I am asking all of you to lend your support to my cause, send messages to the DOR, wear items with my foundation's logo on them. If we all join together I will be successful in my cause.


Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Anonymous said...

Dear Cactus Jack: Glad you are finally stepping up and demanding equal treatment. There is surely some spotted horse discrimination going on there. Stomp your foot until you get your way. DOR will get it sooner or later I'm sure.

One Red Horse said...

Sheeeesh, ya gotta wonder Jack, when the Creator passed out brains, where were the humans? Did they even bother to get in line? Cuz I know earthworms who are better in the communication department. Last week my DOR wanted me to go back out to pasture but I was still hungry. I stopped walking. She did not get it. I looked at the place I stood when I was eating my crunchies. Did not get it. I walked to the very spot where my crunchie feeder lay overturned, and for good measure I pawed a teency bit. DID NOT GET IT. Go for your equal treatment foundation. I say we also petition Creator to adjust their brain level to a tad higher than a pile of dirt.
Your friend, Red T. Bar

The W.O.W. factor said...

Cactus Jack, I agree with one red horse, about the dishing out of brains...but remember, go easy on DOR for a bit, make your demands for equality or more deserving...this winter when you'll be truly thankful in the freezing temps. Maybe with what DOR is dealing with, she's just having brain 'farts'...it'll pass...be patient..

Andrea said...

Catus Jack, I can not believe you did not get any treats while working! How dare the DOR do that to you. You hard working horse! I don't blame you for starting your foundation!! :)

Oh, and I love the new look of your blog. I love the jeans look!! It's great!


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