Freedom is NOT my friend!

Freedom is soooo not my friend, well at least until tomorrow.
The DOR came out to the pasture with treats for Salty and I, followed by Dakota who had Freedom's mush. Salty and I crowded around the DOR, following her to where she was going to set down our treat tubs. Freedom was trying to squeeze between the two of us to get to the DOR. The senile old guy was not listening to Dakota calling him to his paddock to get his mush, he was convinced the DOR had his mush. When he couldn't get between Salty and I he went around us on my side. On his way around he kicked me! I jumped and almost got the DOR, she did the human version of blowing marbles-she yelled at me. Well cow poop! I get kicked by a senile old horse and yelled at by the DOR and none of it was my fault! I am not speaking to Freedom. I don't care if he is my belly scritching buddy, if we stand butt to tail and swish flies off of each other's face, if he keeps an eye out for vicious horse eating bags, or if he was the first horse to be nice to me when I came to the ranch...I am not his friend, at least for tonight.
The DOR gave us all a good brushing. She told me about her day, it didn't seem as much fun as hanging out eating grass.
Well I am going to see if I can bite Freedom on the butt while he is in the paddock eating his mush, then I will be his friend again.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! Did you kick Freedom's butt hard enough tonite to make him your friend again? Glad you didn't get your DOR hurt today or none of you would get treats or scritches!

Amanda said...

Maybe next time you are standing head to tail you can let a little toot slip out. heheheheh


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