Ooh La La

I have spent my life in pastures with geldings or my mom. There have been mares around. There was even one that I fell in love with across the fence. I have wanted a mare of my very own, at least I thought I did.
The other day a mare snuck close for a visit. She was flirting and trying to get our attention. Salty wasn't too interested...he is used to having mares drool all over him. I found myself not sure what to do. Do I flirt back? Should I strike a sexy pose? Should I wonder over and nip her on the butt? I felt like a nervous boy on his first date.
I decided to stand by Salty and talk to him about the silly mare that was trying to get our attention. I pointed out that her mane was a bit tossled and gave a nervous nicker. Needless to say I didn't score any big points for that, in fact I got a dirty look. So I just hid behind Salty, peeking over every so often.
I am going to have to work on this mare/gelding relationship stuff unless I want to be an old bachelor like Freedom.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


One Red Horse said...

Oh C.Jack, Mares is it? My personal specialty. My DOR says I'm the Harrison Ford of the general pasture (er,that IS cool, isn't it?)

Okay, Lesson #1

When you first see the mare (only if she is a hottie), immediately arch neck and sort of stand on up on your toes, not quite a prance but think like you are assuming a stance of studly power and virility (don't say it, I KNOW we're geldings, who cares).

Extend your neck to sniff at her with flared nostrils, be sure neck is arched. Oh yeah, tail too. Just practice this first lesson Jack, they'll be falling all over you.

Too back we couldn't chase a few fillies together,


Andrea said...

Don't mind those mares. One day they will love you and the next they will be trying to kick you. They are so moody.

I have two geldings out with 7 mares. Those poor boys have to put up with so much tormnet. One week those mares are all over them and then the next they drop the boy geldings like a bad habbit.

I like ORH's advice. Yes studly power will get the mares attention. :)


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