We are starting to get winterized

Well the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting cooler. In short Fall has kicked in full force here. The DOR is working on getting everything ready for winter. She has all of our hay stacked and tarped, is getting the mushfaces' (Freedom and Salty) winter feeding paddocks ready, and sorting out our winter jammies (only used if very cold, wind, and wet).
The DOR is giving us all grass pellets each evening for treats which she soaks and mixes with our vitamins, some roll mix, and our individual special supplements. She doesn't want to risk us colicing going straight from pasture to hay, so we are getting transitioned slowly. She is also making sure we are getting enough salt, some of us don't drink as much as we probably should be with the cooler weather so the salt is one way of making sure we drink plenty of water (again to help avoid colic that can come along with the change in feed). We are all going to get our fall worming with an herbal worming mix. The DOR is using an herbal worming mix because the vet said that two of her older horses can't tolerate chemical dewormers anymore (Salty got real sick the last time because of his kidneys), one of her horses has cushings, and us appys need special care because of our eyes. Appaloosas are notorious for eye issues and there is some research out that shows a link between the use of vaccinations/chemicals treatments and the triggering of uveitis, so she is careful to protect us from desease while protecting our eyesight.
I was happy to the DOR out to give us our treats today. She gave us all scritches, hugs, and told us we are the best horse ever. I like that about the DOR, she always tells each one of us how special we are and that we are the best horses ever, it makes us all feel so good.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR...make sure they know you think they are special.


Andrea said...

Winter, Ugh, *sigh*. I am not looking forward to it being cold.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well it's that time of year again. I guess we are all getting ready for it, although, this year it seems I'm just not in the mood for the cold yet. Glad to hear everyone likes their scritches and treats.

Lux said...

Your DOR sounds like she's a really special human.

Rambling Woods said...

Lots of dedication to be a responsible horse owner..You are lucky Jack..


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