Taking care of the DOR

This is a picture of a horsefly, it is artfully perched on a flower for the photographer. Hard to believe that something that looks kind of cute in a photo can bite so hard and be such a pest.
The DOR can only ride when there is another adult around, no she isn't grounded or a baby her heart is bothering her a bit. The vet for humans is going to fix it next week. So until then she is supposed to be careful, so she is being good-she wants to be around to keep playing with us. So on the evenings that it is just her and Dakota she just grooms us, gives us massages, and plays some games with me.
This is where the horsefly comes in. I am enjoying a nice massage. The DOR has done my neck, back, and hips. She gets to my hinny, this is my favorite spot, I have my lip hanging and my head just about to the ground. A darn horsefly lands in the middle of my back, the DOR didn't notice because she is talking to Dakota. I really want to run, kick, buck, and swish my tail like a lunatic...but I can't. If I do any of those things I will hurt the DOR and she is part of my herd, which makes it my job to protect her. So I'm twitching and squirming and the DOR looks to see why. She sees the fly and moves to swat it. She missed but the fly didn't, the jerk bit the DOR! She let out a whoop and shook her arm around a bit. I looked at her arm and gave her a nudge on her hip (it is were I nudge her to say everything is okay), she hugged me back. I am worried that I might not be getting any hinny massages for a while, at least not when there are horseflies around.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

Syndi..did I miss it. You are having a heart problem? I hope you are going to be OK? That reminds me that I am supposed to make appointments for a couple of tests..Ok..thank you for reminding me and please let me know how you are doing via Jack of course..Michelle

restoration42 said...

Hey Cactus, my DOR and me have our prayers going out for your DOR, don't worry dude, us equine types are good with the healing energy that our DORs need. We will be thinking of you and yours over the next few days.

Red and his DOR

Amanda said...

Syndi in Louisiana we have these deerflies, they are smaller than a horsefly and shaped some-what like a stealth airplane. They hurt like a red-hot nail is being pounded into you and it hurts for days afterward. I hate horseflies too just as much. You told me on the phone about your procedure. Sorry I did not respond very well. I blank out bad news like that, refuse to think about it. It goes into my head and instantly out. When I had my accident the doctor had to tell me over and over what happened to me, even after the surgeries. I refused to accept it. My prayers are with you and your family.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh Cactus Jack, pleasssssssseeee do give DOR a hug for me! Careful, now! Yea, we want her around and feeling better so you can still tell us all the funny things she does to you! and for you! Give her my prayers that everything will be fine.....


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