A note from the DOR

So, today is the day. In fact I am already at the hospital, I have composed this post ahead of time (wonderful what you can do these days).
I am grateful and truly humbled by all of the kind wishes and thoughts for healing that have been sent my way. The world is a much smaller place since we can communicate electronically. I have met such wonderful people in cyberspace.
I must admit that this day has me nervous, oh who the hell am I kidding...I am scared. There is nothing more frightening than looking head-on at your own mortality. On the flip-side there is also nothing better for making one take stock of their life. Here is what I have found taking a look at mine:
*I have the greatest family in the world
*I have wonderful friends
*The people I work with are the best
*My students have taught me more than they probably ever learned from me
*Nothing smells better than a horse and saddle leather
*We are the sum total of our choices
*A horse is the most honest creature I have ever dealt with
I also know if I had my life to do over again I wouldn't change a single thing...well maybe I wouldn't have worn a lime green outfit when I was showing horses in 1972, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Every mistake we make, every hurt we endure, every person who touches our lives, every experience, and each day makes us the individuals we are. If I changed anything (even that butt ugly riding outfit) I would not be who I am now.
So now enough of the emotional "touchy feely" stuff.
I won't be able to mess with the horses, other than visit, for at least two weeks-boy am I going to be in the dog house with the herd! Jack is going to give me a raft of poop, because he will not be getting any hinny rubs from me for at least two weeks. If any of you want to help keep him from getting cheezed off at me you are welcome to come rub his big ol butt. Freedom is getting senile, so someone needs to show him my photo each day or he will forget who the heck I am. Harley needs someone to tell him how gorgeous he is every day or he gets a bit worried that he is loosing his looks. Ginger needs someone to rub her belly and the inside of her hips, she gets a bit itchy. Then there is Salty the Wonder Horse, he needs some one to rub his forehead until he just abouts falls over.
Take care and I will see you soon!
Have a good day and don't forget that your horse loves their DOR


Rambling Woods said...

Good luck..I will sending warm healing messages your way!!!! It is scary when we see that we aren't immortal..life is short and precious..

The Author said...

I too am sending good wishes your way.

restoration42 said...

Oh Heck Catcus Jack's DOR, If we lived closer I would send my very own DOR over to give C.Jack hinney rubs. She is thinking of you.

From Red

Florida Beach Basics said...

Looking forward to your next posting telling us that you're recovering nicely. Meanwhile, my thoughts are with you. Marge

Cheryl Ann said...

Me and "the herd" will be thinking of you. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


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