Freedom speaks Saturday

I want to talk a bit about keeping promises. Humans often make promises when what they really mean is that they will try. Don't they understand that a promise means they will?
We horses are very dependent on humans to keep the promises that they make to us. We trust you to keep those promises and in return we share lives with you as openly and honestly as we can.
This week I got to see another human other than the DOR keep a promise made. This human placed the very first horse she owned as an adult with a loving family with children who would spoil her rotten. She promised the horse that if anything ever happened the horse would always have a home with her. She visited the horse often and when the owners let her know they had to move and were not able to take the horses with them she immediately made arrangements for her old horse to come home. This week the much loved spotted horse arrived to the human's home and will live the rest of her days with this lady. A promise made turning into a promise kept.
The DOR keeps all of the promises she makes to us. In turn we give her our trust, love, and respect. The DOR promised all of us she would take the best care of us and she does. We get everything we need and more. Take tomorrow it is the one day a month that the farrier and the equine therapist visit...we all get the "treatment". The DOR promised I would always have plenty of food, she brings me my special mush twice a day and in the winter it is hot. She promised Salty she would keep him as pain free as possible, he feels so good he lopes around the pasture. She promised Nikki that no one would ever abuse her again and they haven't. Those are just of few of the promises she has kept.
Horses know when we are being lied to, when a false promise is made...it effects how we respond to humans when we are dealing with them. So remember you need to earn our trust, love, and respect it is not something you can force. Being a human that keeps their word is a great way to do that. Remember a promise is a promise.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

I have promised my horses they will NEVER go to auction and end up on a slaughter feed lot. My children have my instructions for them should something happen to me. It is a promise I intend to keep! I think we should all make a promise to our horses that they will be safe.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Cheryl Ann,
Good Job! All of the DORs horses but Jack are rescues...they will be safe the rest of their lives. She has guardians for each one of us who will take care of us if anything happens to her.
I hope all DOR are like you and mine, having made arrangements for their horses.

mommanator said...

I've just finished reading the posts I have missed and they made me cry, poor pascal! why are people such idiots sometimes!
I sorta knew your DOR was a promise keeper by what you write and the love that spills out on these posts! Good going for you and the rest on the ranch!
Loved the pic of the sky seen thru your ears, funny! Have a pleasant wkend!

Leah Fry said...

I've promised my 2 that this home is forever, and it is a promise I intend to keep. All is well.

jc said...

God willing, Major will be with me forever too.

Unknown said...

What a lovely post :)
Thank you!

Split Rock Ranch said...

You and the other horses are so very lucky to have such a wonderful DOR. Every horse should be so lucky.

Desert Rose said...

Any horse that I have owned has a promise of a good home and if that doe not work out for them the horse comes back to me. So far only made one promise...but will keep it at anytime! I did have to rengociate Jesse organic carotts to plain old carotts. he was actully happier cause that meant more cause they were cheeper!!!


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