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Look I am one of those dragon killer guys, Salty and I are going to get all of the dragons.
Dakota while riding Salty the Wonder Horse
It is amazing what children turn into while riding their horses. Friday evening Dakota was a knight slaying dragons on his trusty steed. Actually he and Salty were collecting rings on a long pole as they rode around the arena.
It is not just children that imagine great adventures while they are riding. The DOR imagines that she is younger when she is on the back of a horse. For a short moment in time she is a teenager, riding the trails in search of adventure.
It is amazing that horses have a way to help humans live out their dreams for the time they are riding or are around us.
The myth is that unicorns are magical. I think that a unicorn is just a horse with an odd birth defect...all horses are magical.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

How true! Horses are indeed magical! That must be why we love them so? Quad is doing just fine! He actually perked up yesterday and was looking out over the arena while Scout and Gigondas had a lesson with me and hubby! Good to see him finally relaxing and settling into his new home!

LA Nickers said...

Count me in for the magic ride!



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Cher Duncombe said...

I used to ride a lot when I was a teen. My husband decided we would go riding before summer's end, thanks in large part to your wonderful blog. The horses are magical and your blog is inspiring!

Jackie said...

Hello Jack,
oh my I have missed my favorite and most smartest horse in the whole wide world.

Thank you for dropping in to say hello. I just know you will bring me luck along with a little magic also!!

Give hugs to your DOR for me and have a magical and happy week!:-)

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Glad you are going to this summer. Have a grand adventure.
Glad to see you back, we miss you in the blogshpere when you are gone.
You are welcome to ride along anytime.
Cheryl Ann,
You create magic for every horse in your care. Good to hear about Quad.

Desert Rose said...

Ya...I would love to take a ride like that...would need Jesse though, not sure how Little lady would like her costume!!!


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