The hazy and lazy days of summer

The Cold Spring fire has burnt more than an estimated 8,000 acres. The smoke can be seen clearly from the DORs grandfather's ranch. It is still causing a haze over the Yakima Valley, but not as bad as yesterday (Picture at top left from a story by Phil Ferolito Yakima Herald-Republic, picture at bottom left by D Becker).
The thin haze has a way of intensifying the heat, making us all feel pretty lazy. I have spent a bunch of time scratching my belly on the ground, rolling, standing in the shade and discussing life with

Freedom. He is pretty interesting, has a lot to say, but he talks as slow as he walks these days-so come prepared to spend plenty of time listening.
The DOR was out to mess around with all of us this afternoon. She gave us all showers, which was nice. I rolled after I got mine, she hosed me off again, so I rolled again, she hosed me off again...I rolled again. I could do this all day. Doesn't she realize that there is nothing better than rolling after you have been hosed down-the dirt sticks better that way. She finally laughed and said she gives up, I can just be dirty. I am glad she finally got it, I was going to get dizzy if I had to keep rolling either that or I was going to have to take the hose and spray her.
Tomorrow is going to be play day!!!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Tim said...

Hi this is Tim. Jack looks real happy I am glad you two are getting along so well. If you send me your email with Shelly I can try to send some pictures. And other info. Jacks' Bday is 5/12/2000. Thanks for the link I will enjoy checking in on Jack. Tim

Amanda said...
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Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am glad you are checking on Jack. He really is a great horse and is a joy to be with. I am blessed to have him in my life.


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