Support crew

Hope you all had a great 4th!
Every star athlete, famous person, and anyone with clout has a support crew...well so do I (after all I am the world's smartest appy). I thought I would introduce you to a few of them over the next few days.
This is Dakota, the DOR's youngest son. He is a valuable member of my crew. He makes sure the water tubs are full, brings treats, and gives great hugs.
Dakota was trained by Salty the Wonder Horse and Freedom Dancer to be a good member of a horse's support crew.
Another important role Dakota fills is staff photographer. He takes lots of pictures and videos of me training the DOR, she really hates that! As you know if you find something that bothers your DOR, you just keep doing it until they get over it. After all, as lovely as I am people could take photos at anytime and I don't need her freaking out in public.
Dakota is also the head cheerleader. When I am giving the DOR lessons quite often Dakota is sitting on a bench cheering me on. He starts out the cheers with "Go Jack, do your magic." It is nice someone appreciates the hard work that goes into the proper training of a DOR.
Dakota will also do general go-for tasks. I need fly spray, Dakota runs and gets it. I need a brush, he gets that too. All I do is tell Dakota to go-for this or go-for that and off he jets.
Yesterday I worked with the DOR on gait transitions. I would be walking along and then without warning break into a trot. I would trot until she relaxed her seat, lift the rein, and ask me properly to slow back to a walk. I did this lesson with her for thirty minutes. I thinks she finally has it, but I will check it out at our next lesson.
I got the DOR to hose me off after our lesson. It was great because I spent some time alone in the arena when the lesson was done, taking time to look at the toys and playing. I could lay in the arena and roll before I went back to the pasture. There is this really nice powdery dirt spot that is perfect for rolling in!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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