Back to work!

The DOR's doctor gave here the thumbs up to go back to most of her normal activities-thanks a bunch Dr. Busybody! You are responsible for my further torture by flag, I might be you next patient if this keeps up.
First she worked with Hank, I was fine with that. That big baby needs to be worked with. He is lazy and has some bad manners. After she was done with him she headed to the arena, I looked to see who was in there and didn't see anyone. I am pretty sure that there is no such thing as an invisible horse, so there was only one thing she could be after THE FLAG! Drat, didn't she read the poem? I was hoping she was going to use it on Hank and leave me alone. I forgot, Hank could care less about the flag. I think it is because he has no tail and he just thinks the DOR is swatting flies for him. Well I have a tail, I can swat my own flies I don't need any help thank you very much.
The DOR comes and gets me, I guess I could have run, but I have been working on teaching her how to catch me politely and running would have undone all of that training. We did our groundwork, no flag in site. Then we played the squeeze game and she made me go by the flag-that is soooo not fair! I took a deep breath and just did it, knowing that the sooner I looked like I didn't care the sooner it would be over with. Not this time, oh no, the next thing I see is the DOR picking up the flag and leading me away from the fence while she is waiving the silly thing. Now I am in for it, she is going to touch me with it....I HATE that!! I am just going to stand and get it over with, I am thinking peace and love thoughts. The flag touches me and I snorted, jumped one foot up and two feet sideways, with a big snort. The DOR waits for a minute, then is sending the flag my way again. I take one deep breath and wait, she touches me, I don't die and best of all I stood still. I just had to do this five times on each time and she quits. She started walking backwards dragging the flag, I follow sniffing the thing to see if it stinks. I stepped on it accidentally, really I wasn't trying to kill it, and it stopped moving. When I lifted my hoof it moved when she started walking again, I stepped on it again and it stopped. I like stepping on it much better than getting touched by it. The lesson was over and the DOR took the flag away, yippee. Even better the DOR is busy all day tomorrow with RCERs big fundraiser which means I get the day without a flag.
See you Sunday, the DOR and I are going to go riding (which means no flag).
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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