Get those dawggies rolling

I would like to suggest that you play the theme from Rawhide (use the player below) while you read this blog-it will help set the mood.
Rumor has it that the DOR is trying to set it up so I can help herd some cattle tomorrow. Darn if she isn't excited about the prospect! We have reached the point in our partnership where the DOR gets a big grin on her face with just the thought of getting to go for a ride. She loves spending time with me and riding has become a real joy for her again.
She did some team sorting on Hank last year, yep the big lazy guy can move when he wants to. She has helped move cattle at the ranch on Freedom, he is only interested in sorting out the babies and keeping them for himself.
I have been out loose with some cows this year, no big deal. However there is a bull that is the size of a house out with the ones we might get to help move.
He is solid black, not patterned like the ones in the photos-but I am sure he is as big. Now I am not worried, nope not at all-I am a big tank of a horse. I am concerned about the DOR, she is a bit timid you know and this could just push her over the edge. What happens if she screeches like a girl when the bull looks at us, what will the other horses think, how will I live it down?
I am pretty sure that I have worked enough with her that she is solid enough on her skills to pull this off. I am going to have to remind her that we must look cool at all times so no squealing or other dumb noises.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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