Flag day?

What the heck is it, national Flag Day?
The DOR was sure busy with her flag the entire time she was out with us today. She was walking around the pasture waving it, dragging it, with it tucked in her pocket, and rubbing it on any horse that stood still for it.
Well I will not stand for her to rub it on me. I will tolerate the stupid, irritating, obnoxious thing if I have the DOR on the end of a lead rope, but that is to teach her manners. I really dislike the noise the flag makes so if she is out there in the pasture just waving it around like a lunatic I can only take so much. I will stand still while she waves it around me for about five minutes, then I usually find something better to do. If I run off to the other end of the pasture, snorting and bucking she will leave me alone for a minute or two. To get any peace I have to let her rub the flag on both sides of me without snorting or moving...I just suck it up and let her.
I wrote the DOR a little ditty, maybe she will get a clue. Of course if I only have to tolerate the flag for the amount of time it takes her to repeat this I can be good about it and she will be happy.
I do not like the flag making noise,
I do not think the flag is one of my toys.
I do not like the flag at all,
I would rather put up with the large bouncy ball.
I get marbles in my nose when I see the flag,
I snort so badly I almost gag.
So please DOR take that flag away,
It should never see the light of day.
If I stand nice while you wave it around my head,
Will you put the silly thing to bed.
I am trying the best I can,
But can't you see I am NOT A FLAG MAN.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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