Drat,I have been grounded!

I survived the entire night with the pink flag waving at my favorite end of the pasture. I just stayed at the opposite end of the pasture, take that DOR.
I have been feeling a bit frisky this week, of course it could be the flies bothering me. I rip up and down the pasture on occasion. If a horse fly lands on me I run and buck until the thing is gone. After being bothered I feel the need to bother someone else. Freedom is so laid back the only way you can bother him is to bring his mush late. That leaves the other horse in the pasture. So I go make the other old guy move around a bit. If anyone is out watching they tell me to knock it off. I guess the rules are no pushing around the old guys-just doesn't seem fair. Since I keep pestering the old guys I am now getting grounded to a paddock in the evening. The picture above is what I think the view is like from a paddock-it isn't really I have water, shade, and food it just feels like a desert because I am stuck. It isn't so bad though, Freedom is in the paddock next door eating his mush and I get some grain. The DOR also thinks I am getting to pudgy-is it my fault I am an easy keeper? She also thinks that being in the paddock for a period of time will help me learn patience.
Today the DOR and I worked on 'leading' at liberty. We walked all around the pasture, practiced stopping and backing up. I have to say the DOR did a good job sticking with me. She is making good progress.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Latigo Liz said...

Aw Jack (love the name, btw), you'll get that DOR trained right quick, but you might have to concede a few things to her first!


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