My DOR has introduced me to a new treat...apricots. They are absolutely the best thing since clover!!!
The DOR and Dakota collected a bucket full of ones that had fallen from the trees outside of my pasture. They gave some to all of us, well not Freedom he was in his paddock eating mush.
The DOR has fed me apples, carrots, dry cob, and peppermints-but apricots have been my favorite so far. I love the taste of them, the juice that runs down my chin. Heck I love the juice running down the other horses' chins, they thought I was weird for licking it off their face, but why would you waste perfectly good juice?
The DOR carries peppermints in her pocket. Some of us like them and some of us don't-but we ALL love apricots. I am working on a way to train her to carry apricots in her pocket instead of peppermints. I know she can't carry as many apricots as peppermints in her pocket, but since my pasture is the first stop that she makes I am not too worried about not getting any...too bad for the rest of you. I guess they might get squished in her pocket, hmmmm I guess I will have to figure out a way for her to conveniently carry about fifteen apricots, maybe a fanny pack would work.
There is a fire out by Trout Lake, which is by Mt. Adams. It is sending smoke our way, I don't like the way the sky looks and it makes me feel uneasy. The DOR says it is too far away to hurt us and that the sky will return to normal. I am learning to trust her, she hasn't been wrong yet. Besides if I want her to trust me I have to trust her in return-funny this human/horse relationship. I hope all of the horses and their humans close to the fire are safe.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

yummmmmmmm I love apricots too!!


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