On vacation la, la, la

Well today all of the DOR's horses had a vacation because she was busy. She spent the day in Yakima attending appointments.
While we all love our pastures, I was wishing for a change of scenery. So I spent the day imagining that I was out on a trail. I was wandering leisurely down the path with Freedom and Hank (two seasoned trail horses) having a great time. I imagined that we came to a large meadow full of clover. We spent a couple of hours munching away and then we headed back to the trail. We came to a pond and I could hear a waterfall and a frogs croaking. I woke up to see Freedom next to me going pee and farting...jeeeeeze, I don't mind that so much but he could have let me day dream a bit longer. Next time he is day dreaming I am going to stand by him and stomp the ground, shouting EARTHQUAKE!!! See how the old fart likes that.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Hmmmm, I have woke myself up before tooting. How sad is that? I was dreaming I was on the warfield and cannons were going off.
Redneck Annie


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