Are you my mother?

This is my great-great grandfather on my mother's side;
Red Plaudit was a chestnut leopard Appaloosa stallion born in 1960. Halter Champion, sire of world & national champions. Earned Bronze Production Plaque Registered Halter & Performance. Producing offspring. ApHC #10191.Sire: Juaquin (App) Dam: Wavy (App).
My mom's name is Gems Joker J-ket, her dad was Major Plaudits Badger and her mom was Gems Joker Dawn. The DOR can't find much out about my grandmother, if you know anything I would love to hear about it, I am really curious about all of my family and what they are like.
I have found that my father and mother share a few relatives way back in their family tree. I have some really nice roots in my family tree, the DOR thinks that is why I am so smart and talented.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


redhorse said...

Hi Handsome Jack,

I have become a huge fan of yours. Today's post got me curious about your family. Here is a close relative, I think

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am glad you are enjoying my blog.
That horse looks like a cousin to me. Thank you for sending me that link, it is always fun to see family pictures.
The DOR has found all sorts of cousins. We are curious about my mother's dam's side of the family. It is hard to find information because there are so many Appaloosa regiteries.


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