He isn't as dumb as he looks.

This is Hank the Tank (or Hankamus Tankamus as Dakota calls him). We all tease him that he is a big stupid wanker. Truth be known Hank is a smart guy that has every trick in the book figured out. He also doesn't give the DOR grief about the flag, I think it is because he has no tail and can't swat flies.
Well today the DOR came out to work with me. The plan was to go for a ride today, but it is really hot so she changed plans, she had a pink flag! Bad enough I have to put up with the flag, but a pink one to boot is expecting a lot from a guy. Today is really hot, the fly spray isn't keeping the flies off of me, maybe I should try taking a page out of Hank's book of tricks. The DOR waves the flag to my side, I give the obligatory snort-after all I want her to feel like she is learning something. If I just stood there nicely right from the start she would quit sooner, but today I need her to be my 'shoo fly.' I did not do my regular snort and jump sideways it was just too hot and besides I really want her to feel like she is making some progress. If you don't reward your DOR often enough they get discouraged and quit trying.
She scritches my neck and withers with the flag, I give her the wide-eyed look knowing it means she will work at scritching until I put my eyes back in my head. I managed to get her to do five minutes of scritching on both sides, boy am I good! The DOR then starts working her way down my sides and running the flag over my rear. Boy not only does it keep the flies away, but it also feels goooood. I managed to act concerned for a good twenty more minutes. Twenty minutes of scritches and no flies. I did snort at the flag while we were walking to the fence to get my flymask, it is enough to get some more flag time tomorrow (watch out flies).
I have to hand it to Hank, he knows a lot about training a DOR-thanks big guy.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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