Brush and fluff

The DOR went out to check out some horses for a friend. She saw this interesting fence on the way there. It is made of spool ends stacked two high and it surrounds a junkyard. It makes for an interesting bit of scenery.

The DOR had appointments today, so no riding. All of us got a good brushing, hair combing, and hoof cleaning today. Harley loves having his mane combed. Salty loves being brushed and really loves having his head scratched. Hank likes having his flanks scratched and his tail brushed (if you can call what he has a tail). Ginger loves having her neck scratched and her butt brushed. Freedom will stand all day for a good brushing, in fact he will try and keep whoever is brushing him from leaving the pasture. I love being brushed all over. I also just love standing with my head on the DOR's shoulder, it is fun hanging out with her.

We are all looking really good. As soon as the DOR is not looking we are all going to roll and knot up our manes, just so we can get pampered again. It is one of our favorite things to do.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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