Hay, it's what's for dinner-well at least this winter

Well the DOR is getting ready to get hay for the winter. She hasn't asked me for any input. What is up with that? After all I am the one eating it, okay so are the other horses. So let's take a look at what is out there.
This is some nice alfalfa, the DOR doesn't even have this up for consideration. Salty loves alfalfa, but it gives him diarrhea. Ginger has cushings and can't have alfalfa. Hank will eat whatever is thrown in front of him. Freedom eats mush so he doesn't care, he will gum the hay for flavor and then spit it out-silly old guy. I like alfalfa but the DOR says it is not the best thing for me to be eating.
Here is some yummy timothy. That is what the DOR fed her horses back in the old days. She thinks this is really good for horses, but you can't get it around here. So I guess we won't be eating this for dinner.
Orchard grass is a nice hay. The DOR is looking at a blend of orchard grass, rye grass, blue grass, and fescue. It sounds tasty.
She hasn't made a final decision yet, I don't know why. I guess it is a complicated thing to figure out just the right thing to feed us.
I wonder if she would consider a grass/alfalfa blend...then we all would be happy. I got to looking and I think I have figured out what is taking so long. Look at all the kinds of hay there is...how do you know which one to get?
This is fescue, I have never seen this kind of hay before.
This is Bermuda hay.
This is Rye grass

This is Sudan hay, I think it looks a bit odd.
Here is a picture of oat hay, the DOR already said I can't have any of this.
This is Kentucky Bluegrass. I think that is looks nice.
I think we all need to especially kind to our DORs right now. This hay business is enough to stress them out.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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