This tree is across the street from the DOR's house. The DOR lives in town, where it is warmer than the ranch, boy does that tree make me feel cold.
I told you a few posts ago that I have become a hay snob...well so has the rest of the herd. We just take our bluegrass hay and toss it out of the feed tub. It makes a nice mat to stand on while we eat the good stuff. The DOR is a bit irritated about our antics, in fact she said we have to clean up the mess we made today before we get any more of the good stuff. I am trying to convince Harley, Salty, and Freedom to help me pee and poop all over it because the DOR won't expect us to eat gross hay.
I am not eating no second rate hay...I will starve first. In fact I won't starve, the DOR will take one look at my pathetic pouting eyes and will toss me the good stuff. I can out wait her, she will cave first, I just have to remember to act weak and depressed. The DOR says she is going to cut back on our hay rations also, with the weather being warmer we aren't eating as much-so she says. I want my four flakes a feeding, I don't care if I eat it all or not, I don't want to feel like there isn't more than enough food, I like having extra hay laying around. I am going to have to start hiding the leftovers so she can't find them, that way she will feed me my full four flakes. I have already been stashing some discretely in Freedom's paddock, the DOR will never think to look there, then Freedom can nose it under the panels to me after dark. I hope it works and I won't have to suffer eating the second rate hay.
The DOR and the support crew moved hay today. There is 1/2 a ton of the good stuff stacked inside our hay paddock, it is there just waiting for me to eat. I wish I had Harley's snake neck so I could reach in and steal some off the pile-of course that would mean dealing with moving a blue tarp. Maybe I can con pretty boy into reaching in and stealing mouthfuls of the good hay to give to me. If I offer to keep Salty from biting his butt and chasing him around, he might just do it for me. Yep I could be his muscle.
I hope that you and your DORs are warm and toasty.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Leah Fry said...

I am cracking up, because I have noticed my two have also become hay snobs. The guy across the road, from whom we have bought the most pristine bales of coastal, sold his entire last cutting. We've had to scrounge from whence we can, and my two definitely know the difference.

Lux said...

Whoa, stay warm, Jack, and your DOR, too!

It sounds to me like you've the situation all figured out - good luck!

P.S. If you want to send me some furs, I'll be happy to try them! :)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Clever horse!! Owners must learn who is boss around there!! LOL!!

Mountain Woman said...

What a beautiful photo!
I don't think my crew are hay snobs because they are eating every last bit I throw out there and I'm getting muscles from tossing hay bales. We have a pony visiting for the winter and he eats quite a bit of hay so naturally the others are eating more too.
I was complaining about the high price of hay here until I learned the good stuff sells for 20.00 a bale in California.


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