Duck DOR!

A friend of the DOR shared this video....

Little does the DOR know, we have been practicing. Those snow "hoof cookies" she is so happy to see laying around the pasture because it is a sign our hooves are working right are not what they appear. No siree, they are our stash of snowballs to chuck at her when we are given the opportunity.

Yesterday when I went running past her acting like I was being goofy and trying to outrun the tarp...a cleverly disguised sneak attack. Yep as I went buzzing by I manage to dust the DOR with snow and a few chunks of "hoof cookie"

I like the snow and we have plenty of ammunition laying around. So the DOR doesn't know when, isn't to sure how, but she should know that it is coming. She better bring her support crew, after all it is 4 against one...well if we are counting the ammunition making appendages it is 16 against two. She better get busy stoking up, or we could sell her "hoof cookies" to defend herself with.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Leah Fry said...

When you do stop and she gets close enough, don't forget to blow your nose on her. They love that.

Lux said...

That video is so cute!

Thank you for visiting me, Cactus Jack Splash.

You make us smile. :)


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