Where I went to school

I went to school at a place called Full Circle Ranch. I was originally trained for riding there and returned as a five year old for "secondary school."
Bill Basham and Angie Reitmeier address the entire horse. Their purpose is to help horses and humans live more harmonious lives through understanding and kindness, rather than through fear and ignorance. They will teach with patience and consideration while searching for ways that make sense to each individual.
The DOR says that you need Kevlar undies when you go to their clinics. They are not mean, just straightforward and honest-sometimes that hurts humans a bit.
This couple has taken horses that have been "written off" as untrainable and turned them into a horse that can be a working partner with a human.
They help horses learn to be brave. They teach a horse to think with its left brain, rather than reacting with the right brain. Horses who go through this school are exposed to a variety of adventures in various settings. They work with owners to ensure that when the horse comes back home there is a good relationship in place to continue moving forward. Located in Potlatch Idaho it is a wonderful place to go and spend quality time building you relationship with your horse under expert guidance.
Yep, I sound like and ad, sorry. I know that my training there is the reason I am not a werehorse more often, or all of the time. I have a tendency to react first and think later...it is a good thing that I was taught to think so I can recover quickly if I do have a fall apart.
There are places where magic happens and the DOR has seen it happen here. Bill and Angie help her with a horse she rescued. This horse had been so abused that she was afraid all of the time. The DOR saw through that and could picture in her mind the horse she could be. Bill and Angie helped peel the layers of damage done to this mare, uncovering the horse the the DOR could picture in her mind. Now this horse is working at a cattle ranch, competes at roping competitions, and works as a pick up horse for bull riders at rodeos. From a horse that panicked at the slightest thing, to a horse that has a fit if she can't get in the trailer and go on an adventure-you see they do work magic at Full Circle Ranch.
The DOR and I will be heading their way for some quality time. She has been busy making armor plated outfits. She has a lot of things she needs to work on and knows she will be taking a bit of heat, she also knows that every experience with Bill and Angie makes her a better horseman.
If you ever have a chance to attend one of their trainings I encourage you to go. If you go to a training in Washington State, look for my spotted butt to be there and come by and say howdy.
Training is the basis for the horse/human relationship, good training is the basis for a partnership. It is important to never quit learning!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


S.W said...

Hi Cactus Jack Splash ..
I think horses are really beautiful creatures , are they really like carrot & sugar.. ? I just wanted to know
thanks for sharing

The W.O.W. factor said...

Cactus Jack…did DOR get you as a young youngster and then sent you there for school? That’s almost next door!

fernvalley01 said...

ctus Jack , You sound like a lucky horse! your DOR seems intent on improving both of your circumstances very cool!!
I hace my own Cactus at my farm it the DOR wants to pop over for a look.Check under Wednesdays post.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Yes we love carrots and sugar, although the sugar probably is not too good for us.
The DOR bought me last spring from the man who has had me my whole life, Tim. He sent me to FCR twice. The DOR had FCR work with one of her horses, Panik, who was the for four month. She would visit every week during the summer. She has also attended several of their clinics.
When she gets up there again she will have to let you know.

Mountain Woman said...

I'd love to attend that school but it's so far away for us. I've been looking for a place where I can learn with my horse. Not riding training but real training about building a partnership.
You are so lucky!


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