But I'd like a cookie

Hammy the Squirrel (from Over the Hedge) and I would both like a cookie!
Every morning and evening Salty the Wonder Horse gets a cookie...but not the rest of us, hmmmph.
The DOR says the cookie has his special medicine in it-I think she is fibbing. So what if it has medicine in it? It is still a cookie and I want one!!! I'm not sure the medicine is working anyway, Salty is still a grump and won't play with me. So why can't I eat the cookies instead?
Freedom doesn't care because he can't gum cookies. Harley never gets too worked up over treats and he likes peppermints best anyway. Ginger can't have cookies so she doesn't care. But here I am, a long suffering little spotted pony being shorted in the cookie department.
I do get a peppermint once in a while, usually after the DOR and I have gone for a ride. Well it is too cold for the DOR to ride, that and the footing isn't too good, so I can't earn a peppermint that way. So what does a horse have to do to get a cookie? I tried giving pouty eyes, it didn't work. I tried snuffling through her pockets, no luck. I even tried to steal Salty's while it was hanging out of his mouth, that got me a thump on my nose.
To top off the fact that I am not getting any cookies, I am now expected to eat the second rate hay. It seems the us boys have made a mess of the bluegrass, scattered about a whole bunch of it without eating it, and now the DOR wants us to clean up our mess. She won't give us any of the good stuff until we have cleaned up the mess we made. "No dessert until you have cleaned your plate" kind of thing...what is she thinking?
I have a feeling that I am going to have to get the Equal Treatment for Cactus Jack Splash Foundation up and running again. Yep that way I will get cookies and the good hay.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Salty and I have a lot in common, I eat every cookie I get my hands on. Diet be damned!! I can not resist them, except for Fig Newtons which I would never touch with a 10 foot pole.

backattheranch said...

I have to say I love you blog site! And I love your Appaloosa! Soo cute!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Amanda the DOR loves fig newtons...she isn't supposed to eat cookies unless they are sugarless, but she does on occasion.
backattheranch, thanks for stopping by and glad you like the place.

Andrea said...

That cookie sure looks yummy! I think I might want one too!! I don't blame you for wanting one. Maybe you can work something out with the DOR during the winter. Surely she would give you a pepermint.

And Amanda, I love fig newtons!! For some strange reason!! They are so yummy!!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hmmm Cactus Jack, sounds like to me, you need to clean up your plate ( I had to when I was dependant on my Heads of Households , but hey, sometimes I shove it under the table...try shoving yours into someone elses pile!)
...or maybe, Yea! I've got it! Do a Spring dance! Bring it on then the DOR can ride again and you will get more cookies!!
(And me too...Amanda...LOVE Fig Newtons! Seems like you must be the odd one out on this one...;) )

A Bay Horse said...

Those look good enough I want to eat one! or two! :)


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