The DOR went visiting

This photo was done by Amanda of Amanda's Veranda, she does the best pictures! Amanda sent it to the DOR yesterday, made the DOR really happy by the way-thanks Amanda.
The horse on the right is DOR's Spooky Sky, ranch name Scooby. The horse on the left is named Blue. Blue and Scooby are best friends across the fence. They also are best friends in the same pasture as long as the orphan that Scooby is raising is not in it. If the baby is there all bets are off, Scooby will only share the baby with Hank and beats up other horses who come around the baby. The two uncles need to do a better job teaching the baby manners according to the DOR. It seems they are letting the little guy get away with being rude. What does she expect? Scooby can't see a darn thing the baby is doing and if Hank gets after the baby Scooby bites or kicks him, so Hank has taken to ignoring the naughty baby. I think the baby needs an aunty that will make him tow the line. While she is at it she can also teach Hank a thing or two also. Actually Hank is a good guy, he keeps his eye on Scooby and that is an important job.
Hank is the varnished roan appy with Scooby in the picture (again another great photo by Amanda). The DOR loves riding Hank, but she needs a five foot ladder to get on and off him. He spent the summer as part of the CWU equestrian team, now he is just hanging out with his buddy Scooby.
In case you are new Scooby was her favorite riding horse who went blind last spring. He is staying in a wonderful place in Ellensburg. The DOR has him there because she knows that she would want to still ride him if he was home and that would be bad because sometimes he has panic attacks and those are dangerous if you are on him. The facility he stays at is run by a lady named Sudi-she absolutely loves every horse in her care.
After the DOR and Amanda visited Hank and Scooby they went to a colt starting clinic. It was a good learning experience. I am especially glad the DOR went because it prevented her from torturing me for the day. She didn't take a horse but worked with one the clinician brought for her to help with, the horses name was Rodeo. Don't people think about what they name horses? What are some DORs thinking? Buck, Bam, Trigger, Dusty, Thumper, Panik (yep my DOR did that one), Luger, and other such names are just asking for trouble. I have Splash at the end of my name and look what happened...the DOR took a dive off of me two weeks ago. Really think about what your horse's name is telling it.
The DOR likes doing the groundwork leading up to a first ride. She doesn't do first rides because she doesn't like to fly (yep that is her excuse, she just hated the landing). The horse she worked with did well enough he got his first ride yesterday with no courtesy flight included for the rider-see the DOR should have gotten on.
The other reason she had a great time is that most of the participants were her age. Most all of them were dealing with the effects that age brings like needing to mount from a mounting block, knees that don't bend well anymore, and those little aches that remind you that you aren't 20 any more. I can see it now...a bunch of old farts working with a bunch of young farting horses, would have been a riot to watch. I am going to see if I can go the next time just so I can have a good giggle.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Elliemae said...

Thanks for the award! I've never gotten a blog award! Your gelding is beautiful...love those Appys!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a nice day. I can appreciate the mounting blocks and creaking knees, I don't want to get on the young ones either. Nice pictures too. Glad to hear Cactus Jack escaped from his version of torture for a day.

Mountain Woman said...

What beautiful photos. I know what your DOR means about us elderly women riding horses. If I didn't have my mounting block, I don't think I could even get up on a pony.


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