The eyes have it

The DOR loves her horses eyes, she thinks they hold all the knowledge that one needs to know in them. She took some pictures of those of us at the ranch yesterday and I thought I would share them.

This eye belongs to Salty the Wonder Horse. His eyes have seen trails, jumps, numerous kids that he taught to ride. The most important thing his eyes have done is to teach a little boy with asperger's how to communicate. He helped the boy learn to understand that eyes speak to you and that allowed the little boy to learn to speak to others. Salty has seen a lot in his 22 years, he believes that horse have the power to help heal human hearts. In Salty's eyes all humans are to be loved.

This eye belongs to Freedom Dancer, a 42 year old energizer bunny. Freedom has seen trails, cows, husbands, wives, and kids. Freedom has seen more than any of us will ever know. He has never lost his love for humans, he is a very forgiving soul. He believes that you look where you want to go, pick up your feet, and just go there...it is that simple. In Freedom's eyes there are no excuses for not doing what you want to do.
These eyes belong to Ginger. She believes that humans must be taught proper manners. She has taught many a rider proper horsemanship and manners. First you get the look and lip, then you get the tail swish, then you get the "Ginger Stomp" a hind foot stomping the ground-if you still don't get it she walks away and leaves you in "time out" until you apologize. In her eyes humans need to remember that they are a partner with their horse, not the boss.

This eye is Harley Darling's. In Harley's eye you will see bravery. I tease the pretty boy that he is a looks and no brains, it is just because I am jealous. Harley looks at things and figures them out. He has eyes that want to learn about everything and understand about things, that is why he is not afraid. In his eyes knowledge and understanding are what you need to overcome fear.

This eye belongs to Scooby. Scooby's eyes have seen many a trail with his old owner, they were together for many years. Scooby has seen both shores of the United States. His eyes gave courage to the DOR, a belief in her ability to become an independent re-rider. Now his eyes don't see anything ...he is blind. But in his eyes you will see trust. He trusts the DOR and other humans to keep him safe. He uses his hearing and sense of smell to help raise an orphan colt. In fact unless you know Scooby is blind you would never know it until you watched him for a day. Scooby's eyes are filled with confidence, his eyes will show you that a handicap is no reason not to live life to the fullest.
Hank owns this eye. In his eye you will find fun and mischief. Hank's eye teaches you that life is supposed to be fun and if you aren't having a good time it is your own fault. Hank doesn't tolerate human pouting or bad moods. He will tease you until you laugh. Hanks's eyes say that heaven or hell is where you are at right now-it is your choice which one you are in, so choose wisely.

I own this eye. This eye believes that older beings can learn a lot from younger beings-after all look at all I am teaching the DOR. This eye also believes that there are times you should be afraid and run away blowing marbles. In this eye you will see how deep the loving bond between a horse and human can run. In my eye you will see peace.
So I hope this helps you understand why the DOR loves the eyes of horses, she believes that all of the answers to life's questions can be found in the eyes of a horse. She also believes that every horse has a lesson they are sent here to teach to humans.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Strawberry Lane said...

Absolutely *love* this post! First, I have a thing about the eyes of horses.

Your comments on what each horse has seen through the years and through their eyes ... well, it made me a bit teary eyed. But horses do that to me, always keep a kleenex handy.

The W.O.W. factor said...

MY OH MY! Cactus Jack! This is an amazing post! As with humans and all creatures...through the eyes you can see the soul!
L-O-V-E this!!!

Rambling Woods said...

I came to catch up with you Jack. I think I am also 'fluffy', but in a different way. I love the eyes and the story behind them all and I do enjoy this blog very much...

New Rambling Woods Site

Shinade said...

Oh wow this is fantastic!! I love it so so much!! The eyes are so very beautiful...Thank you ever so much for taking the time to make this post so special!!:-)

fernvalley01 said...

Lovely pictures! And you Cactus have a beutiful kind eye.

Mountain Woman said...

I started to cry reading about your description of the horses through their eyes. It was truly beautiful.


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