Schooling Saturday-Grades for the DOR

Professor Cactus Jack Splash here. Today is schooling day, boy do I have plans for the DOR! I am going to teach her to jump, keep the ball away from my feet, get her to jog beside me, and I just might see if I can get her to put that stupid grocery bad on her head.
I will give a report later.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR
We started out playing the friendly games.
The DOR the worked with me on how to act in a halter class. She thinks it would be fun to show me in some halter classes next summer. I did really good! I don't quite get why the DOR feels I have to trot while she is jogging beside me...won't she get tired. Well she did today, she was jogging and I was walking-eventually she gave up. See I am good at "halt her"-I got her to stop.

The DOR also brought out a new toy, a circingle...looks like something a circus horse would wear. If she thinks I am going to tolerate feathers and blingy stuff put on it for a parade she better think again-I have my dignity to maintain. I am not sure what all she plans on doing with it. Today she decided we would work on my issues with things flapping around me and the fact that I think everything that is white is a grocery bag. Well I could see that I was going to have to teach her a lot today.

She had been out in our pasture earlier with these white things hanging out of her pocket. I thought I should save her from them, but there was no way I was going near them. Freedom grabbed on out of her pocket and tried to eat it. All he did was kill it, the DOR picked the dead thing up and put it back in her pocket. Well the DOR decided that it would be a brilliant idea to put the things in one of the rings. Do I look like I thought it was a good idea. Well I taught her how to lunge me without a fall apart, I did worry about her a bit when the white things started flapping around. The DOR did such a good job that we got out the apple stick with the bag on it. You will never believe it-the DOR touched the bag with her hands and set it on her head. Well she isn't scared of it is she. I did pretty good with blowing marbles when she first started waving the bag at me. Eventually I ran out of marbles and the bag was still waving and it was inching closer and closer.... Well I tell you that the United Nations would be proud of me, I made a peace treaty with that bag in a big hurry. The bag listened and hostilities were stopped. The bag hung in the middle of the air and I touched it with my nose several times, the bag did not eat me. I am not sure if the treaty extends to all bags or only this particular one, but it is a step forward. The DOR decided we had both had enough and that both of us came a long way today.

I am going to spend the rest of the evening watching the horses in the north pasture go nuts...the llamas moved in next to them and they are all wigging out. I like the llamas, I offered to swap the horses the llamas for the grocery bags but they were too busy snorting and running to hear me. Maybe tomorrow I can work out a deal.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

You are such a good boy. My Annie would be furious if I did those things with her. She thinks she is over and beyond things like that. I had her out in the arena and round pen a couple of days ago and she was absolutely indignant and let me know. She thinks the only thing she should do is stand and let me adore and brush her.

Mountain Woman said...

Love the hat! It sounds as though your DOR is using Parelli techniques. Let me know how it goes because our kids might try them too.
Have fun in school today and don't tire out your DOR.

Shinade said...

Jack you are looking mighty fine today in that hat!:-)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Jack,I hope your DOR is a fast learner and makes your job easier for you.

Andrea said...

Jack you look smashing in that cap!! And you just crack me up! Those pictures of you looking less than thrilled. It's so good of you to want to save your DOR from all those horrible things!! You sound like you are doing a great job!!


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