I killed the tarp!!!

So the DOR comes out last night to feed us and check on how we are doing. She is smiling to see we are all nice and cozy in our tarps. That was until she got a closer look at mine, then she said something like, "What the what?"...okay there may have been a potty word in there. You can see one of my support crew showing the damage in the photo-he thinks it is funny.
The DOR decided that the tarp had to come off since I had ripped it in half down the back. I acted like I didn't want her to take it off...I wondered off every time she reached for one of the buckles. The DOR can be tricky, she threw my favorite kind of hay in my tub. While I was eating she unhooked all the buckles and velcro...I was FREE-errr I mean I was about to loose my special tarp. She slowly slide off the tarp and I went trotting around, enjoying the fact that the horse eating tarp was gone. The DOR put the tarp on the ground and came over to give me a good rub, fluffing up my fur. She told me I was going to be cold and she was sorry she didn't have a spare "blanket" for me-shoot, shucky darn, I feel real bad about that DOR...NOT. She said she was going to see if the store would replace it since it is only three days old-I am calling the owner to tell him it was tarp abuse that tore it so don't replace it. She says if they won't do that she will sew it up, darn I didn't know she could sew.
She went to pick up the tarp and I stood on it. I was acting like I didn't want the tarp to leave (wink, wink), but really I wanted to make sure it was completely dead.
Ding dong the tarp is dead, the wicked tarp, the green old tarp. Ding dong the wicked tarp is dead.
I am not going to freeze, I have never worn a tarp before and I have been just fine. Here is to my freedom from the tarp....wooo hooo!
Keep bundled up and warm, as for me I am going to party nekked-well at least until the DOR puts a new tarp on me.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Lux said...

Oh, you're a sneaky one, indeed! ;-)

Happy Holiday wishes to you & yours!

fernvalley01 said...

Oh Cactus you look enough Like my old Catana Mare to make me wonder especially with your "tarp" killing behavior. She always let me put it on OK but by morning it was either shredded or "magically" removed.

fernvalley01 said...

trying again


Amanda said...

Hmmm, Jack have you and Annie been talking behind our backs?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Don't you just hate when they do that to a new tarp.


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