Look to the stars!!

Thanks to everyone who guessed. I have put stars on the photos that are of me. I tried to claim the one on the top right of the horse running, but the DOR wouldn't let me. I want you to know I look that good running, my tail just isn't quite that full-but it is longer!
I am proud to report that I was out running, bucking, and playing with Salty while wearing my tarp. So far the tarp hasn't tried to eat me or my hay. I get a bit worried when the DOR pulls it back so it is on me square, but I just snort and try to stand still.
I do hope the weather warms up soon so I can run around nekked again.

The gold section was written before I killed my tarp. The support crew chief took the tarp back to the store and they replaced it....I would like to let the store know what I think of their good customer service. I really am the true customer and I don't want the product replaced! The DOR is planning on getting the tarp back on me because the weather is still cold, I may or may not be good-I have to think about it.
I enjoyed my tarp free time. I was running, bucking, and playing! None of the other horse would join in, I am sure it is because they were wearing tarps. The DOR says it is not the tarps, but the fact that they are either old or a bit gimpy so they a not going to goof around on the slick ground. I still think that the tarp prevents them from cavorting around, after all I couldn't cavort with the tarp on without it growling at me.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Train Wreck said...

Hey, good morning. I just made a "special buttton" for my monthly winners. I linked your page. I wanted to see if it worked. Yep when people click on the button they end up here! he he! Feel free to pick it up if you want. After all you are the first to have "THE BUTTON" lol!

Grey Horse Matters said...

All great looking horses. I think you will appreciate your tarp sooner than later with these temps. I'm glad they replaced it.

The Mane Point said...

Great photos!

Subtle hints . . . . you can leave for Santa:



Pony Girl said...

Oh goodness CJS, you were the cutest bumpkin foal ever! :)

Cactus Jack Splash said...

By the way the man riding me in the picture is my first owner. It was taken when he had his very first ride on me at the trainers. Notice what a good boy I am.

Andrea said...

What a fun game!! All those hansdome appies!! I almost guessed all of the pictures of you!


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