Hay snob

I have become a hay snob...well all of us boys have if the truth be told.
The DOR started feeding us nice grass hay the first of October. She wanted to make sure that we maintained our lovely figures and knew the pasture was starting to wind down. We all thought it was great! Two big meals a day and fresh grass too. It was like a buffet especially designed for us, all we needed was waiters to clean up after us. Oh wait, the cleaning up after us is the job of the DOR and the support crew.
The first of December the DOR started giving us the special 4 way mix for our evening meal. She wanted to get us used to it, without upsetting our tummies, because that is the "bad weather" hay. It is mixed to give us more calories and keep us warmer. Breakfast of grass, dinner of grass and 4 way mix. Well it didn't take us long to figure out the 4 way mix was the best stuff around. There lies the problem. In the morning we hustle over when the hay is tossed only to find it is plain grass hay...that is like getting dry burnt toast-blech! In the evening we beat feet over and find both in our tubs. Sometimes the DOR puts the grass on top of the 4 way mix...we toss the grass on the ground and eat the good stuff. When the 4 way mix in on top we eat it first and only eat the grass if we are still hungry and in danger of starving.
Well last night the DOR thought she might solve the problem. She put the two hays in the tubs and then mixed them together. Harley didn't care, he eats anything. Salty was miffed and started tossing stuff around looking for the good hay. I, on the other hand, maintained my dignity. I gave her the appropriate glare, blew a few marbles, then proceeded to kick my tub. Darn tub anyway! I then proceeded to pick out the good stuff and eat it, leaving the grass hay in the tub. I thought about going over to Harley's of Salty's tub to mooch their good hay, but when I looked they were having the same problem.
I am praying for snow and bad weather. The DOR will feed us only the 4 way mix once the weather is really cold during the day. So if you have any pull shake your snow globes and wish me 30 degree temperatures during the day. I am willing to be a bit chilly if it gets me the hay of the gods!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Jaya said...

Oh! That DOR is sneaky, isn't she, mixing the grass hay and the good stuff like that. Well, I'm wishing snow for you. We just had some where I live, and I'll bet there is some heading your way soon as well.

Mountain Woman said...

Okay, I admit I'm ignorant and don't know what 4 way mix is. I'm assuming alfalfa, grass, etc?
I started using grass hay early on just as your DOR did but all the horses were resistant with the beautiful pasture.
Now, they are eating lots of hay. I just use plain old grass hay and I haven't had a problem with keeping weight on.
Should I be thinking about something different? I'm new to this horse at home thing and want the best for my babies.

Andrea said...

What a sneaky sneaky DOR you have. We just got snow for the first time in a few years!! It was exciting, so I hope you get some too!!

I have a horse, Ozzie, who is a hay snob. He will only eat gigs. Strange???

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Mountain Woman,
4-way mix has blue grass, orchard grass, rye grass and fescue. The DOR doesn't feed us alfalfa because Salty and Ginger can't have it. You don't want to use fescue with pregnant mares...that would be REALLY BAD.
Grass hay is just fine for most horses, we just have a couple of "hard keepers" so the DOR uses the 4-way mix to help keep their weight up.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Jack - better be careful what you wish for in terms of bad weather! Your DOR thinks you would enjoy some of the sea oats from our Florida beaches - too bad they are a protected plant species and it is illegal to pick them, or I'd send you a bunch!


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