I've been turned into a reindeer

So here I am in my tarp, which is a nice green, and a set of antlers. Yep the antlers light up....
I look like a cross between a reindeer and an elf.
Luckily I don't have to pull a sleigh full of toys. I have been a good boy this year (if you ignore all the werehorse incidents and when I bucked off the DOR) and am hoping for a lot of treats. I made a list of things and gave it to "mush boy", who will pass it on to the DOR.
I want a bag of apples, 5 pounds of carrots, a peppermint everyday for a year, a full-body massage every week, for the DOR to continue to love me bestest of all, and only the fancy hay to eat for the rest of winter.
I have gifts for the DOR; peace of mind at the end of a bad day, a warm snuffle and nuzzle each morning, quiet time away from the stresses of the human world, no werehorse incidents (or at least less of them), to give my feet without grief, and to love her with all my heart.

Here I am trying to mooch treats from Dakota (mush boy). I figured it humans leave milk and cookies for Santa they should have treats in their pockets for his most special reindeer-ME! I managed to get a peppermint treat, it was good.
The DOR has a funeral today for one of her students who died Monday evening last week. All of us here have been cheering her up every evening after she gets off work. She and her staff have been spending their days helping the students and at the end of the day they are all wiped out. The whole herd has offered to cheer up the staff. The DOR says they thought about it and then thought they might have to scoop poop to cheer up and they passed up our offer. Then to top things off she has been called for jury duty for the next two weeks. I keep telling her to go in right after she has tossed us hay, with hay in her messy hair, blow a few marbles out of her nose and she will be excused for sure.
Enjoy the snow, it is better than being miserable about it.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


fernvalley01 said...

And what a handsome Reindeer you make!
Take good care of your DOR ,sounds like she needs all the warm snuffles you can dish out right now. What a sad and challenging time for her. Merry Christmas to you and all the gang

One Red Horse said...

Ah Jack, I'm serioulsy worried my mom will read this, see those lil' reindeer horns and get some silly ideas about me and Santa. We sure have an important job to do Jack! My mom says to tell your DOR she is so sorry about the death of her student. That one goes deep. The other kids are lucky to have your DOR to help them with their grief. Your DOR is lucky to have you at the end of the day - my mom says I am what allows her to do her job. About the jury duty over vacation - that just sucks! Gotta go - Red

Bush Babe said...

Ah how this made me smile... the snow if fabulous and "christmasy" in the background and the "reindeer" made me smile - and reminisce. Our reindeer wasn't actually a horse... but he was nearly big enough to be!


Merry White Christmas to you! You can be sure ours will be merry but definitely not white!

Reddunappy said...

I just love the reindeer horns! so cute. hmmmm dont tell Emma she may be nest!

Sorry about the sad time, not good to deal with any time of the year.

Powell River Books said...

Now you made me miss my horse even more, I remember those warm snuffles and head butts (her particular specialty). Have a wonderful Christmas! - Margy

Andrea said...

OH Jack, you look so regal with your antlers! I love it. And I think you have been a good boy, despite a few occasions!

And tell your DOR that we are so very sorry for her loss. What a tragic thing to happen.

I hope you all have a good Christmas.


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