Shave and a haircut 2 bits and vote update

Good day everyone!!! I am well on my way to getting sweet treats. I appreciate all of the help...keep voting and by tomorrow I will win!
I have to do a bit of bragging about my new haircut. The DOR brought out the clippers, I have never been clipped before. I have had a scissor cut bridle path, but the DOR told me that all well broke horses can be clipped with clippers. Now I am a well broke horse, okay there are still a few glitches, but I want to show the DOR
that I am getting better everyday. So the DOR turns on the clippers and my eyes want to come out of my head, I tell them to stay put and stand as still as I can while the clippers are in the air buzzing. The DOR moves them closer a bit at a time, I hold my breath and stand still. When I drop my head she turns them off, good I am training her to shut off the buzzing and it isn't taking as long a it normally does to teach her this. She turns the clippers on again and rubs the handle on my neck, I stand and drop my head-the clippers turn off. Next they are buzzing by my ears...okay my head goes up and I back up a bit, who wants a giant buzzing thing around their ears. The buzzing continues, I drop my head and the DOR turns it off. HMMMM I am thinking if I just keep my head down the clippers will stay off. So my head is down and on comes the clippers, what the heck? I am thinking she didn't notice my head was down, so I drop it more...now the clippers are on my neck. Okay the DOR has obviously forgot the lesson of "Jack drops his head and DOR turns off the clippers" so I put my nose on the ground. Well the DOR took advantage of this position to run the clippers on my mane where my bridle path is, it tickled a bit. She turned off the clippers and I gave her a nuzzle. The DOR gave me scritches and told me what a great guy I am. Last summer I would have fired up my rocket boosters and launch to the moom...no way would I have been so calm about this. She turned the clippers on again, I dropped my head and she did some more clipping. I stood still and when she was done I got more scritches. This is going to be a good thing! I just have to figure out how to get the bridle path to grow in over night so we can d this every evening.
I think I look a bit angelic with the halo over my new haircut.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

5:22 AM August 24th and I have 42 yes vote! Keep em coming

Kate can't blame you for wanting to keep all the apples for yourself.


Betty said...

Your new hair cut looks wonderful and you are angelic tho halo suits you.I vote again for apples.
~~ Hugs and Smooches ~~

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Yayyyyyyyyy 42 ans here comes another one!! I also have 2 awards for you Jack!!


Please don't tell your DOR I misspelled French, okay?

Hugz and hopefully apples today!!:-)

Once Upon an Equine said...

You look very handsome Jack. Yep, DORs are hard to train sometimes, but looks like your figured it out and got those well earned scritches.

Carol............. said...

Nothing like having a bay coat AND a blanket! And now a beautiful haircut!

Florida Beach Basics said...

I vote yes on the apple again, my dog votes yes, and the four birds vote yes. that should about do it!


Leah Fry said...

Haircut looks great. I wish my Poco's mane grew back like yours does. Although I have cut a huge swath like yours, his mane grows forward, so I'm still having to pull hair out of the way for a halter or bridle.

Lookin' good, Jack!

Breathe said...

Chew it slowly. Sometimes it makes a DOR feel sorry for you and GIVE YOU ANOTHER ONE!!!

--Lily, your QH mare friend in Tx.

Chew? You're supposed to chew 'em?

-- Cibolo, aka Mr. Inhaler-of-cookies

mommanator said...

I had the hardest time at first figuring out what the pic was, am so glad you explained or I would have never seen it!


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