Freedom speaks Saturday

"Horses, you can't just pet one"....
I have been watching the humans at the ranch this summer. I know that sounds terribly exciting, but at my age you find your jollies where you can. I have been n
oticing a few things about the ones that are here everyday.
1. They never play favorites with the horses, even if there is a favorite horse.
2. Every horse gets attention every day.
3. Each horse gets its special needs taken care of.
4. They are always trying to learn more about horses.
5. They bring in special humans to show them what they don't know and to do things that they can't do for us; feet, teeth, chiropractic work, etc.
6. They laugh a lot when they are around us...I guess we are like one big comedy club.
7. They mourn with us at the loss of one of our herd.
The biggest thing I have noticed is that no matter how pressed for time they are, they can never pet just one horse. The DOR will come out before work with the intention of quickly feeding Salty and I, she always ends up petting us both and usually visits the rest of the herd. I bet there hasn't been one morning that she has gone into work without horse hair on her clothes. In the evening we all get sprayed, brushed, and fussed over. It seems that the DOR has a conversation with all of us, I have never had a DOR who talked to me like she talks to her human friends before. She asks us about our day, talks about the weather, tells us about her day, and tells stories about her other horses. It seems that to her we are just like any other member of her family.
I don't think it is possible for any human to pet just one horse if there is a whole herd around. The humans here come out to see their horses and they always end up touching, stopping to visit with or watch the other horses they pass on the way to and from their own horses. I have never seen any of them not do that. I think that humans are "horse addicts" and they can't pet just one.
How about you guys...have you noticed this addiction in the humans you are around?
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Jen said...

What a wonderful blog! I'm pretty sure this post refers to this unspoken rule: When entering a pasture one must always be sure to pet here, there and everywhere :o)

Desert Rose said...

So true Jack! I am known at the stables as the cookie lady!!!

Breathe said...

You know, around here everybody but the crazy thoroughbred gets petted. And there's this sneaking of the alfalfa which I've tried to encourage as often as possible.

mmm. alfalfa.

I don't blame them for that one though. I turn tail and head out when he's wandering around...


mommanator said...

cute pic! Seems the same with the puppies around here! pet em all love em all!


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