Extra spa day

This morning the farrier and equine therapist will be out again., rounds start at 7:00 AM.
The DOR, SCC, and Mushboy will all be taking lessons this morning...means I have to work. I will get a nice massage afterward so it isn't so bad. I will give a report later today.

On a side note: to the rectal cavity who poisoned the horses in Califonia...here is several Big Ol' Appy Hooves up side your head, BAM!!!! You are on sick individual to put oleander leaves in treats and then feed the to innocent horses. Hope they find you so and let me stomp on you a big, better yet they should let Hank The Tank stomp on you a bit. You can read about what happened here:

Dozens of horses poisoned at California farm

23 San Diego show horses poisoned with oleander

Authorities Investigate Horse Poisonings At Local Farm

Horses poisoned at training facility

There are over 32 news articles about this travesty. A pity when is appears that a human harms a horse to either advance another horse's show career or get even with another human. Sorry to my regular readers, but this has me very upset.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Leah Fry said...

I can find no logical place in my brain for information like this. It makes no sense. I hope the conscience-less person never sleeps again and is caught and punished. It's like the ranch owner said, if someone was mad at him, why not burn his house down or slash his tires. There can be no redemption.

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, my GOD! I had no idea. That is just horrible! And, WHY would anyone do that to innocent animals?

Denise said...

How horrifying! Do so hope those poor horses get well and that whoever committed this heinous act will be caught so that he won't be able to do it to anyone else.

Sandy said...

Hope you enjoy your massage, that should help you feel better, I know it always does me. I could use one right now as a matter of fact, my neck hurts.

I hadn't heard about those horses in California, thats awful.

swing by for a visit, it will help to get your mind of that nasty business.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I hope they find the person who did that to those horses and prosecute him.

How horribly mean!

My Caddy said...

I thought this was due to the drugs being contaminated, not a deliberate act of poisoning. That is sick if its true.


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