Skywatch Friday - Season 4 Episode 7

A beautiful evening sky. The colors were enhanced by the light smoke in the sky from fires caused by the lightening strikes during a recent storm.

Please go visit the other great Skywatch participants at Skywacth Friday There are wonderful photos from all around the world!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

This is the DOR, Jack and his friend Beau put on a wonderful song and dance show for me this morning when I went out to give the old guys their mush. They were up on their hind legs frolicking around. They kept it up for a good 10 minutes...I just stayed around to enjoy the show. It was a grand way to start my birthday.


J Bar said...

Wonderful colours.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sylvia K said...

Lovely colors, terrific shot!


SandyCarlson said...

Beautiful colors, indeed.

Sally in WA said...

Beautiful picture with the colors and the little sliver of moon and the irrigation sprays. :)

mrscravitz said...



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