Early morning ride

Had a great early morning ride. Mushboy did the camera work...he is getting pretty good at it. It was nice and cool, the company was good, along with great treats when I was done.

Here are some of the DOR's favorite patterns-the stars and stripes with a spotted butt.

I was trying to get Mushboy to give me a scritch.

Here I am doing more work on my trot while trying to tuck my butt up underneath me, it is harder than it looks.

I think this is a funny picture. The DOR is tucking her head in hopes that I will tuck mine...it worked. She can't ride like that all of the time or she won't see where we are going. On second thought if she can't see where we are going I can just trot my spotted butt over to the barn and snitch some treats-keep tucking that head DOR I need the help, yep that is what I need help sneaking to the treats.
The DOR is getting a root canal today...I think her mouth might be too sore to eat any yummy treats so maybe she will give them all to me.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


mommanator said...

oooo love the black & white one!

Desert Rose said...

Ya we moms always think our kids will do waht we do!!! LOL


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